TransAction staff works with our clients to provide their employees with the best commuter benefits possible. Each site is provided a Transportation Coordinator to personally help employees with an array of transportation-related issues.  Transportation Coordinators are able to assist employees in the following ways:

Commute Assistance

An employee may need help mapping out their commute using public transportation or finding a carpool partner. Transportation Coordinators are happy to discuss all options such as public transportation routes with employees of its clients.

Emergency Ride Home Program

If an emergency occurs during the day, this program will provide employees transportation home via either taxi or rental car Monday through Friday, generally within 30 minutes of notification. Certain restrictions apply. Employees must commute by rideshare, transit, bicycle, or walking two or more days a week to be eligible, and pre-register by clicking here.

Ridematching Program

The Ridematching Program tries to match employees with other employees who have similar commuting patterns to form carpools. Share the travel costs of gas and tolls, and save more than 50 percent of your commuting cost. To register for the ridematching database, click here, and create a profile to see your matches.  Get preferred parking, where available!

Vanpool Start Up Assistance

If you are aware of seven to 15 people commuting from a similar area, you might want to start a vanpool.  TransAction and your Transportation Coordinator will help you market the vanpool to your peers in order to raise interest and acquire participants.

Transportation Events

Transportation Coordinators are available on site to promote transportation alternatives, answer questions about commuting options, and provide information on available incentives.