Greener Is Cleaner Carpool Information

A carpool program may be sponsored by your employer or landlord.  A carpool is defined as two or more people who share a ride from one point to another. Some worksites provide designated parking spaces or garage. If you are unsure if your company offers this, please contact your employer. You may also direct them to your transportation coordinator with questions if your company has one.

Please visit our online eco-commute blog with useful information on going green and commuting available at For Verizon Employees -
If you are interested in starting a carpool or finding more carpool partners please utilize our Ridesharing program available at For Verizon Employees -  
Once you have become a carpooler you are qualified to participate in the Emergency Ride Home Program which gives you an emergency ride home if you are ever in need. You may sign up for the Emergency Ride Home Program at (Same for Verizon employees.)
We appreciate your participation in the carpool program. Every time you use your car you are releasing carbon into the earth’s atmosphere. By sharing your ride you are all lowering your carbon footprint.

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